Driving Safe for the Holidays

Driving Safe for the Holidays

Safety Tips

The holidays are truly the most wonderful time of the year. In many ways, however, they can also be a little bit more dangerous than other seasons. This is truest of all when it comes to the roads. They are often dangerous due to icy conditions and frantic shoppers. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe this year, and follow these do’s and don’t’s for safe transportation.

Holiday Driving Do’s

Leave Early

This is always a good recommendation, but when you factor in potentially unsafe driving conditions and hundreds of other hurried drivers, leaving early can alleviate your stress and keep you from stressing out over traffic.

Be Sure Your Vehicle Maintenance is Up to Date

This is an important time of year to ensure that your car is running smoothly. Take it to a local mechanic for basic maintenance. At home, check your lights, tires, windshield wipers and fluid. Make sure that you are stocked up with any emergency necessities.

Buy Gas Early

It’s very well-known that fuel hikes happen during the holidays; but, it’s not like you can avoid buying gas for the whole month! It’s lesser known that gas prices rise steadily during the week, reaching their climax around the weekend. Filling up on a Monday or Tuesday could save you a few bucks.

Secure Your Property

It’s sad to say, but thievery is typically on the rise during the holiday season. Burglars are seeking out expensive gifts, both in your car and your home. It’s wise to invest in an alarm system, but even precautionary measures can keep your valuables out of the hands of strangers. Be sure to double check that you locked your home and vehicle, hide your valuables, and don’t take any chances. You’ve worked all year to give your loved ones the gifts that will warm their heart, so there’s no sense letting thieves take that away from them.

Holiday Driving Don’t’s

Stress Yourself Out

Stress leads to rushing around more frantically than you normally would in your travels, and this can have dire consequences. Especially around this time of year when the roads can be dangerous, it is important to be in a calm state of mind. Relax with a cup of cocoa for a few minutes before hitting the road.

Fall into a Speed Trap

Again, it’s so important to leave yourself extra time around the holidays – especially because speed traps are everywhere! The police are out there looking for reckless drivers and stressed out, frantic shoppers who are trying to take dangerous shortcuts. Be responsible, and you will avoid a speeding ticket, or worse – a slippery bend that you’ve tried to drive too quickly on.

Drive While Fatigued or Impaired

If you haven’t gotten enough sleep, or if you’ve been partaking in any eggnog or Christmas Ales whatsoever, it’s a fact that your motor skills have been compromised. With taxis available and all of the rideshare services that are literally at your fingertips these days, there is simply no excuse. Remember, one bad judgment in this area can lead to massive consequences: a totaled vehicle, loss of life, or even loss of yours or a stranger’s loved one. It’s simply not worth the risk.