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Towing in Flint, TX

Hi-Way Towing is always set to send someone to help stranded motorists in Flint, TX. These are some of the services our respectful and professional drivers are able to help with if your vehicle is unable to get where it needs to go.

Having your car break down on the side of the road is something that nobody wants to have happen to them, but unfortunately this is an experience many people encounter in their lifetime. Various things from engine trouble to your vehicle getting stuck in the mud after rainy weather could be reasons why you might need some help. If you happen to get in such a situation, don’t stress and give a local towing company a call. Most tow companies are able to handle many roadside assistance problems in addition to towing.

At Hi-Way Towing, we are staffed with professional team members with updated tools and trucks in order to best serve Flint, Texas.

Hi-Way Towing has been around for decades helping people with vehicle problems in Flint, TX and surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection and available 24 hours a day. Our professional drivers have trucks that are equipped with updated tools to help you get back on the road as swiftly as possible. Whether your vehicle needs a jump start or a door unlock, give us a call and we’ll dispatch a driver to your location.

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Towing Heavy Equipment

Towing in Flint, Texas

There are several instances in which your vehicle may require more than roadside assistance and will need to be towed. If a vehicle is damaged from a wreck or a mechanical issue that can’t be fixed on the roadside it may need a tow. If a vehicle is damaged, towing it is the safest way to transport the vehicle without causing further damage. Hi-Way Towing uses 2013 heavy duty Chevron low profile flatbeds that have the ability to load newer vehicles safely and tow them wherever you need.

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Hauling in Flint, Texas

If you are looking for a company to have something other than a vehicle towed, Hi-Way Towing is the place to call. We are able to haul heavy equipment such as generators and industrial equipment that can’t be hauled using a regular vehicle. Our drivers are also available for junk removal. We have compact wreckers that are able to access difficult to reach places that are impossible for larger trucks to get to. At Hi-Way Towing, we make junk removal a quick and stress free process.

Your Car Stuck in Mud or Snow? Here's What To Do

Winch Out Service in Flint, Texas

If you get your vehicle literally stuck in a rut, it’s a good idea to call a tow company instead of trying to remove the vehicle yourself. Trying to remove your vehicle on your own could cause your vehicle to become more stuck or possibly damage your vehicle, especially if it is on uneven ground. Attempting to remove it on your own could also result in accidentally injuring yourself or someone else. Give a professional Flint tow company a call and an experienced driver will remove your vehicle with as little damage as possible.

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There are several instances when your vehicle doesn’t require a tow. These issues can often be resolved right there at your vehicle. Hi-Way Towing works regularly with several national auto clubs and local shops to bring professional roadside assistance to drivers in Flint and the surrounding areas. Roadside assistance includes services such as jump starts and door unlocks to name only a few.

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Jump Start Services in Flint, Texas

If your vehicle battery has drained, you may not be able to get it started. Sometimes you are able to ask a neighbor or family member to give you a jump start from their vehicle using jumper cables. This isn’t something that is easily done if your car won’t start on the roadside. For a safe and reliable jump start, call a professional to charge your battery. Hi-Way Towing drivers carry professional jump boxes for charging the batteries on vehicles. Having a professional restart your vehicle with a jump box is safer than attempting to do so yourself with cables. Jump boxes also charge batteries quickly so you can get back on your way as fast as possible.

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Unlock Services in Flint, Texas

Getting locked out of your vehicle is a frustrating experience – especially if you can see the keys from the window. Did you know that you don’t have to call a locksmith service to get your vehicle unlocked? Give your local Flint towers a call instead. Hi-Way Towing is able to help you get your door unlocked straight from our trucks. Our drivers are equipped with tools that are designed specifically for safely unlocking vehicles. Don’t try to enter your vehicle without the correct tools because this can cause damage. Instead, save valuable time and call your local tow company in Flint, TX.

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From towing to car unlocks in east Texas, Hi-Way Towing is ready to get you and your vehicle safely back on the road. Our team is available 24 hours a day for any towing or emergency roadside assistance you may need.

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