Tyler TX locksmith returning a car key

Roadside Assistance From Towing Companies in Tyler, TX

In our previous article we looked at some of the things towing companies can do for motorists besides towing. We know that vehicular problems can result in a lot of stress, especially on a busy day. If you’ve accidentally locked your keys in your car with your wallet inside, gotten stuck in mud or snow, or broken down on a hot day, a towing and locksmith company in Tyler TX can send help your way!


Many companies that work with vehicles offer locksmith services, and towing companies are no exception. If you’ve locked your keys inside your vehicle, you have lots of options. However, in some situations it’s best to call a towing company. For example, if you have lost your car keys and they aren’t in your car, once a towing company has verified your ownership of the vehicle, a professional tow driver can help you unlock your car. This way you can retrieve any valuables you may need, and then have your vehicle towed to a dealership or other location where an affordable replacement key can be made.

For commercial and residential customers, a towing company can help with abandoned vehicles as well. A professional tow truck driver can help you unlock the vehicle if necessary. If the vehicle is completely broken down, it can be towed directly to a recycle company.


If you’ve driven off the road and your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow, a towing company can help. This service is usually called a winch-out. It can be easy to get your vehicle stuck further that it was trying to get it out by yourself. If you’ve already tried wood blocks or a ramp and nothing works, it’s best to call a tow truck.

An expert tow truck driver will have the knowledge and tools to remove nearly any stuck vehicle. This can be done using a direct tow, a flatbed to provide traction, and specially made tire blocks. A tow truck driver will ensure that all debris is removed and get your out of that hole and back on the road.

Vehicle Won’t Start

There are many reasons why a vehicle might not start, and it isn’t always clear what the reason is. If your car doesn’t start are you’ve been stuck in mud or snow, or just when you step out to go to work in the morning, you may not know what’s wrong. A towing company can help figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle.

Many times a simple dead battery may be the problem. This can happen when you’ve been trying to remove your car from somewhere that it has been stuck, or if you leave on your headlights or an interior light overnight. If this is the case, many towing companies can send a truck to check your battery and help jump start your vehicle. If the problem cannot be fixed immediately by an on-site solution, you’ll then have a tow truck ready to move your vehicle to a repair shop.

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