A jeep with a hood-mounted spare tire

Your Guide to Different Types of Spare Tire Mounts

Safety Tips

Every driver’s worst-case scenario is becoming strained somewhere with a flat tire and no spare. If your vehicle has limited interior space to hold a spare tire, you may want to consider investing in a spare tire mount. A spare tire mount provides your vehicle with additional free space, as it’s designed to clamp onto your vehicle framework or trailer. Most new vehicles come equipped with an external tire mount, but you can have one professionally installed if your vehicle doesn’t have one or if you’d like to try a different way of mounting your spare.

Choosing the right spare tire mount depends on the framework of your vehicle. Below, we’ve put together a list list of spare tire mounting options and a brief run-down of which vehicles each mount works best for. No matter which option you choose, it’s important for your spare tire mount to be installed securely and safely. Installing a spare tire mount may initially seem a bit intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with your vehicle’s framework. This is why you should consider having it professionally installed.

Truck Bed Spare Tire Mounts

If you’re a truck owner, the easiest way to carry a spare tire is by installing a truck bed spare tire mount, which is a simple and inexpensive option. While using a truck bed mount leaves you a lot of options when it comes to choosing its location, it requires plenty of careful planning. Many vehicle owners have even switched to two-tire truck bed mounts, which are commonly featured on off-road trucks such as the 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty Tremor and 2020 Ram 2500 Power Wagon.

For those who enjoy the occasional off-road experience, a truck bed mount can be very beneficial as it allows the spare to be easily accessible while protecting it from damage. Occasionally, people choose to mount their spare tire in the undercarriage of the truck, which may or may not be a practical solution depending on the size of the tire.

Roof Rack Spare Tire Mounts

Another simple spare tire mounting option is mounting it to your vehicle’s roof rack. Most roof racks and cargo baskets are semi-universal and will fit 98% of all vehicles. Roof racks are a great place to mount a spare tire, especially if your vehicle is equipped with oversized tires. Using this method means you no longer have to worry about hauling a bulky tire around in your truck bed.

A roof mount provides your vehicle a cool off-roading appeal, allowing it to stay mobile in the wild while tackling nature’s harshest terrains. One disadvantage of a roof rack is it adds additional stress to the roof of your vehicle, which can cause it to roll more easily and make it less aerodynamic.

Hood-Mounted Spare Tire Mounts

Although it may seem like something straight out of an African safari movie, people still occasionally mount their spare tire to the hood of their vehicle. Mounting a tire to a vehicle’s hood isn’t the most practical option, as improper hood mounting can cause substantial damage to your vehicle’s framework.

Mounting a tire to your hood also isn’t the safest option, as it can cause your vehicle to accelerate during a steep decline and obstruct your visibility. This tire mounting method has become a thing of the past and is very rarely seen today.

Bumper Mounts

Front and rear bumper mounts are the most widely used tire mounting method, as these mounts can be easily installed onto any steel or tube bumper. One downfall of installing a bumper mount is that it leaves your spare exposed to nature’s harsh elements as well as theft.

If you drive an SUV, this is likely the most feasible option that won’t compromise your vehicle’s handling or space. Most professionals can easily attach a tire mount to your bumper within a few hours.

These are just a few options available when it comes to mounting a spare tire on your vehicle. It’s no wonder people have come up with so many solutions to lugging an extra tire around if you consider how important it is to always have a spare on you at all times. If you’re unfortunate enough to get caught without one, however, you don’t need to worry. At Hi-Way Towing, we’re always ready to send out a tow truck to anyone who needs some assistance in the Tyler, TX area.