Close-up of a car door in the locked position

Dealing with a Stuck or Broken Car Door Lock Advice from your locksmith in Tyler, Texas

It is possible that the lock on your car’s door may have become broken or stuck, not allowing you to enter the vehicle. If this does happen, there are many ways to resolve the situation. Which method you use will depend largely upon your skills in picking locks and also your access to a locksmith. we will discuss a couple of the ways to deal with a stuck car door below.

Picking the Lock

You may be able to handle this situation by picking a lock of the car door. This can be done using a lock picking kit that you may choose to keep on your person or by using a bobby pin. You simply have to insert the bobby pin into the lock and finagle it until the lock comes undone.

Using a Clothes Hanger to Unlock the Car Door

It is also possible that you can open the car door using a wire clothes hanger. You can extend the wire closing or so that it is fairly straight but has a slight curve and then wedge it in between the window and the plastic tubing on the side of the window. You will manipulate the clothes hanger in order to reach the lock manually from the outside of the door and pull it up to unlock it. Depending on the problem with the lock, however, this method might not work.

Hiring a Locksmith

it is also possible to hire the services of a qualified and skilled locksmith in order to open the car door. This person will have the proper tools in order to assist you in regaining access to the interior of the vehicle in order to drive.

Should you vehicle handle actually turn out to be broken, it is possible for the locksmith to unlock the car door by fixing the handle from the outside. They will use the tools on them in order to fix the car door handle so that it doesn’t cause any more issues in the long term. This will usually require an extensive process of manipulating the car door handle fixtures in order to resolve the issue.

Removing the Car Door Handle and Ordering a Replacement

You can also have the car door handle removed and replaced. This is an option that will allow you to resolve the issue with the car for in the long term, in order to ensure that the handle doesn’t become stuck again. You can also have this service performed by a qualified and skilled technician who is experienced in performing these types of installations.

Many Different Options for Fixing a Stuck Car Door Lock

All in all, there are many different options for dealing with a stuck car door lock. You can have the car door handle replaced by a technician, have a locksmith break into the door, pick the lock it use a wire clothes hanger to break into the car. For the former two options, you will want to hire a qualified technician to perform the repairs for you.

Using a lock pick or wire hanger to break into the door can be done easily. Should you employ one of these methods for opening the car door handle, you should be able to easily regain access to the interior of the vehicle. You will be happy you were able to regain access to the vehicle once you hire a qualified technician or pick the lock yourself.

In order to find a qualified technician, you may locate them in the yellow pages directory. You may also do a simple Google search to find the closest locksmith location.

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