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Wrecked car behind warning tape close-up

Why you Shouldn’t Stare When you Pass a Car Accident

Safety Tips
safety precautions
These days, many of us are always on the move. With millions of drivers on the road commuting from different locations, more often than not, you are bound to pass…
Highway in the summer

4 Summer Automobile Issues You Should Prepare For

Safety Tips
safety precautions, summer tips
Whether you’re taking a quick drive to the store or on the highway for a long road trip, it’s important to know some common vehicle issues to prepare for in…
Car broken down at night waiting for roadside assistance in Tyler TX

Steps to Take If Your Car Breaks Down at Night

Roadside Assistance
roadside safety, safety precautions
Getaways, day trips and vacations are some of the activities that people tend to do during the summer months. As such, more driving equates to higher chances of experiencing a…
Photo of a tornado touching down by a road

Steps to Take If You Encounter a Tornado While Driving

Safety Tips
safety precautions
When the weather changes from cold to warm temperatures, it can become volatile. Warmer air seeking to overspread can trigger thunderstorms, which can result in tornadoes. Tornadoes should not be…
View from car's cabin looking out at an open highway

The Dangers of Driving While Sleep Deprived

Safety Tips
safety precautions
Sleep! What a beautiful activity that beckons to the tired and weary after a long and strenuous day on the job. If you are in the vicinity of your warm…
Tow truck driver arriving on the scene of an overheating car

What to Do If Your Vehicle Overheats

Safety Tips
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With hot weather always looming around the corner here in Texas, these cooler months are the best time to proactively be aware of your car’s possibility to overheat and reach…
Vehicle owners on the phone after a car accident

Steps to Take if You’re in an Accident

Safety Tips
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Going through any kind of car accident can be incredibly scary. These accidents can happen extremely rapidly and can feel like blurs. That’s why it can often be hard for…
Man driving in windy weather

Driving Safely in Windy Conditions

Safety Tips
east texas towing, safety precautions
Fall is a lovely time of year! Leaves changing colors, and pumpkins begin invading our homes as part of the decor and food. The crisp air makes one long for…
Rainy Drive on Highway

Tips for Defensive Driving in the Rain

Safety Tips
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Driving during rainy conditions can prove to be unsafe and difficult. As such, experts suggest that you get into the habit of checking the weather before you drive. For instance,…
A pickup truck towing a trailer

Is Towing Things Yourself Safe?

Towing in Tyler
safety precautions
You have a truck, and you just got a friend who called and said that they need their vehicle towed somewhere. When a car breaks down, it makes sense to…