Car key on seat

Locked Out? Tips For Getting Into Your Car From Your Locksmith in Tyler TX

Roadside assistance services get almost 4 million requests a year for people to unlock their cars, and thousands more drivers who do not have a service also get locked out of their car. Very often, it’s with a car that has the keys locked in the car itself.

Here are some ideas of how to deal with a locked car without losing your cool and panicking on the roadside.

Prepare for Lockouts in Advance

Since lockouts are so common, it only makes sense to prepare in advance. For example:

Get a Roadside Assistance Plan

There are many ways to get roadside assistance, and the costs are very reasonable. If you recently bought a new car, roadside assistance is often part of your purchase. Read your vehicle’s manual and get everything you need to call for help, such as the manufacturer’s roadside assistance phone number, your car’s VIN number, or whatever else you might need to get help.

Additionally, most auto insurance companies offer roadside assistance, of which some are complementary. Even some cell phone companies, as well as credit card companies, offer roadside assistance plans for a couple of dollars per month. There are plenty of options, including many inexpensive ones, so it’s a good idea to have roadside assistance for when you need it.

Get a Cell Phone Lockout App

There are several companies that provide a cell phone lockout service. A mechanic will attach a small device to your car’s locking system, and then a simple press of a button will unlock your car.

Typically this service will cost you about $150, but for that you get a year’s unlock service and you don’t have to wait hours for your roadside assistance service to arrive.

Get a Set of Jiggler Keys

For around $15, you can buy a set of 10 Jiggler keys, at least one of which will fit most vehicles. It takes a bit of practice, but most people, once they have mastered it, can unlock their own car within 20 seconds. If you do want to try using Jiggler keys for emergency lockouts, make sure to store the keys somewhere outside of your vehicle so they don’t get locked inside with your main key.

Carry Two Spare Keys

Keep one in a hidden compartment in your purse, such as the coin section, and the second on the car itself. While some people use a magnetic compartment to keep the key underneath the car, it is recommended to keep the key behind the license plate, with the front license the most inconspicuous. All you need to access it is a simple coin to start unscrewing the license plate.

Still Locked Out?

If you get locked out of your vehicle before you have the chance to prepare for it, there are still options.

Make Sure You’re Safe

If you’re on the roadside or stuck somewhere at night, call a local or state police department. Patrol agents are often called to help, and many officers are experts at unlocking your car. If they can’t help or their policy prohibits it, they can call a towing company for you. If nothing else, law enforcement can stay with you until someone arrives to assure your safety while waiting.

Call a Towing Company

Did you know that many professional towing companies offer an unlock service? Some premier tow services even work with roadside assistance companies and auto clubs to help stranded drivers get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Try Unlocking Your Vehicle Yourself

If all else fails, you can try unlocking your vehicle yourself. To do so, you will need a long piece of thin wire, such as an opened coat hanger or an antenna, and something to wedge the driver’s door slightly open. If you choose to attempt this, remember to go slowly to prevent permanent damage to the door.

Once you create a small gap in the door, use the wire to enter the gap and attempt to press the door unlock mechanism. If you have an older vehicle with a release button that must be pulled up to unlock, create a small hook in your wire that can be used to pull the button up. This procedure usually takes quite a bit of patience. If you’re in a rush to get back on the road, it’s usually best to call a tow truck. Tow trucks usually arrive quicker than a locksmith and can get you back in your vehicle quickly.

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