A frustrated woman looking at the scratches on her car after a hit and run and waiting for wrecker service in Tyler TX

What Steps Do I Take After a Hit and Run? Tips From Your Experts in East Texas Towing

Safety Tips

Have you ever been in a hit and run accident in East Texas? It’s a scary experience that can leave you feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. Any time there’s an injury or damage to a vehicle during an accident, it’s important that all involved in the collision stop in order to properly identify and report the incident. However, if one party decides to leave the scene before reporting the incident and exchanging insurance (a hit and run), there are some key steps that should be taken to ensure the best possible outcome. Whatever you do, do not attempt to pursue a vehicle if the driver attempts to drive off. You may put yourself and others in more danger, so it’s better to handle things in a more collected manner.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the steps you should take after a hit and run accident in East Texas and why it’s crucial to get trusted and reputable wrecker service in Tyler TX to safely tow your vehicle from the scene.

Call Emergency Services

The first step is these is to call emergency services in order to report the accident, especially if you or someone was injured during the accident. Once you’ve alerted the authorities of the incident and law enforcement and/or medical services are on the way, you can proceed to the next steps.

Write Down Important Information

If possible, write down as much information as can be gleaned from the situation while the details are still fresh in your mind. If you have any details about the vehicle or the look of the driver this can turn into key information that might otherwise be forgotten during the time afterwards.

Talk to Witnesses

It can be very helpful to get the contact information for any witness that is around the scene and to be sure to know what they believe themselves to have seen. Police officers will be able to more directly interview any witness that is still at the scene when they arrive.

Call a Tow Truck

If your car has been rendered undriveable because of the accident, you’ll want to call a tow truck to have your vehicle moved safely to a nearby repair shop. If you aren’t sure if your car is drivable or you notice any leaking fluids, it’s better to be safe than sorry and call a towing service instead of risking driving. Remember to always contact a reliable East Texas towing company.

Contact Your Insurance Agency

It will also be important to coordinate with the insurance company a claim that is directly related to the details of the accident. If you have a personal injury protection section, also known as PIP, then it should help to cover a segment of the expenses no matter who is the at-fault driver. That can be ideal for some of the lesser injuries, but in more serious situations the policy limits may come into play.

If the at-fault driver who fled can be identified, then a claim can be given to their insurance company so that their coverage can help cover your medical expenses, car repair fees, and pain and suffering.

Wrecker Service in Tyler TX

In conclusion, getting involved in a hit and run accident can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. However, taking the right steps after the incident can help you minimize the impact it has on your life. If you’re ever in need of reliable towing services in Tyler TX, contact Hi-Way Towing. Their team of experienced professionals will help you get your vehicle off the road and to a safe location quickly and efficiently. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and let Hi-Way Towing’s tow trucks in Tyler take care of your towing needs.