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What To Do When You’re Locked Out Of Your Vehicle Tyler TX Locksmith Services

Getting locked out of your vehicle can make for a really frustrating day. It is a super inconvenient mistake to make that can be a difficult situation to remedy, but there are steps you can take before escalating to the extreme. While being locked out of your car is a stressful situation, hopefully these tips will help you find the right solution.

Assess the Situation

It can be really easy to freak out when you have either lost your keys or locked your keys in your car. Remember to stay calm in this situation. High stress levels can cause you to be irrational, and you want to consider all of your practical options. Whether or not you have lost the keys or they are locked inside already changes your options for solutions.

Do You Have a Spare?

Having a spare key ready for situations like this can be super helpful. Whether you have a specific, easy to access place in your house where you store your own spare key or you have a close friend or family member who keeps a spare key for you, having a designated spare key plan can save you a headache in this situation. Some car dealers are willing to make you keys for a reduced price, and sometimes dealers will make you a temporary key for free! If you have a way to get to a dealership and show proof of ownership of the vehicle, they can likely assist you.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Some insurance policies cover roadside assistance which definitely can come in handy when you find yourself locked out of your vehicle. You will need to confirm with your insurance agent whether or not your policy covers roadside assistance, as often times even the phrase “comprehensive coverage” doesn’t include it. To be positive, you should specifically ask if you have roadside assistance. If you do not, consider getting a quote from your agent and comparing the cost to an auto club membership like AAA. If you don’t have it covered in your insurance policy, it is possible that it is covered under a warranty for your car. While warranty coverage can seem vague, roadside assistance is definitely one aspect that you want to confirm with the dealer on whether or not it is included in your warranty and also how long you have this warranty for. Keeping all of your important documents in a secure, organized place can help you prepare for situations like this in the future.

Call a Towing Company

Most tow companies equip their drivers with specialized equipment in order to unlock vehicles. While it might seem like your first phone call should be a locksmith, consider comparing your prices and weighing your options. A tow service might just be the faster, cheaper option to take in order to get into your car and wherever you need to be.

Break a Window

Breaking a car window should only be done in emergency situations such as a child or pet being locked in a vehicle. If it is possible to call emergency services, do so instead. However, sometimes time does not permit this, so if you must break a window, keep these tips in mind. The center of a window is its strongest point, so you will want to hit it toward its edge. Use the pointed edge of something very strong when hitting the window. You will also want to use an object with lengthy handle so that you don’t hurt your hand on the glass. Break a window as far away from the person or animal inside as possible.

While getting locked out of your vehicle can be super stressful, remember to stay calm! Consider some of these tips if you ever find yourself in this situation. For information about professional unlock services, contact Hi-Way Towing, a Tyler wrecker service. Our drivers are equipped with unlock tools that will get you back into your vehicle quickly and carefully.

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