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When is It Legal to Call a Towing Company? Tow-Away Tips From Your Chandler TX Towing Friends

Towing Tips

Car towing is transferring a car from a specific location by connecting, loading, and transporting the vehicle to a safe storage facility. There are several reasons why vehicles are towed, but the most common one is if a vehicle is disruptive to a land or property owner. In cases like this, the property owner requests towing, and the owner or driver of the car has no say in the matter. Entrances, driveways, and parking lots of businesses and residences are typical places where this occurs.

In other cases, individuals post a notice on the car warning the owner that they’ll alert the authorities if the vehicle isn’t removed within 24 hours or if the car is spotted illegally in the parking lot again. There are several other situations when it’s appropriate to call Chandler Towing Services, and we’ll go through some of them below.

Private Residential Property

Unauthorized vehicles parked on private land can be towed right away. Residential property refers to an asset with no more than four units on it. A towing company can be called immediately if you have a car blocking your driveway, and you can do so by dialing their number.

Car Accidents

In the case of an accident, a vehicle could be severely damaged to the extent of not being mobile. The only viable option would thus be to call a tow truck.

Roadside Assistance

In the event your vehicle runs out of fuel, you may be out of options on how to move the car. A tow truck would come in handy in such a situation.

Similarly, machines often break down. If your vehicle breaks down right in the middle of the road due to mechanical issues such as overheating, the towing option would be the only savior.

Private Non-Residential Property

A private property owner has the authority to tow a car if it is parked illegally and the property owner has put a sign stating that they will remove vehicles at the owner’s expense. Additionally, the notice must inform owners of the location and procedure for recovering their towed car.

A vehicle can be towed after twenty-four hours if it is parked on a private, non-residential premise without notice at all the designated entrances indicating that the area is not approved for parking.

Public Parking Lots

A car can be towed immediately if parked in a public parking lot. When a driver leaves their vehicle in a parking garage or other public facility and proceeds elsewhere, this happens. Impoundment can, however, only be ordered by a member of law enforcement or a public official.

Traffic Danger

It is possible to tow a vehicle posing a traffic danger, such as obstructing a lane or crossroads or obstructing traffic. This may also extend to blocking of traffic lights.

Bottom Line

When someone calls a tow truck, they may feel remorse since they realize how much trouble they are putting the car’s owner into. If you need a tow, you have every right to contact a towing company to remove the unauthorized parked vehicle. You don’t need to lose money or time because of the carelessness of others, if you need Chandler Towing Services, give us a call today!