person using a portable jump starter on their cars dead battery

Why You Should Own a Portable Jump Starter

Everyone has dealt with a dead car battery at one time or another. Waiting for a roadside assistance service can be costly and sometimes take a long time. It is even harder to get help if you are stuck in a remote location. Luckily, having a portable jump starter at your disposal means you can get back on the road and to your destination in a breeze. Here is why it’s essential to have a portable jump starter.

It Allows You to Become Independent

The top benefit of a portable jump starter is that it stops you from depending on other motorists to assist you to jump-start your vehicle, motorcycle, truck, or even boat. Depending on others means more variables and longer waiting time to get back to what you were doing. Here is where a portable jump starter comes in handy as it helps you become independent. It lets you power the vehicle even if no one is nearby to assist.

Save Expenses on Roadside Assistance Services

Although roadside assistance services are helpful, they are pricey and sometimes slow. Some basic coverage may cost you upwards of $250 yearly. The worst is that some services may not cover you outside the coverage area, leaving you to search for assistance elsewhere. You need to note that these services usually use portable jump starters to assist car owners. With a portable jump starter in your vehicle, you will certainly save money that you could have used to subscribe to these services.

Eliminate the Jumper Cables

Having jumper cables in your car seems valuable, but you will always require the help of another vehicle to help jump-start a dead battery. The best thing about a portable jump starter is that you can jump-start your car’s dead battery even when there is no one in the surroundings to help you. It is common occurrence that when your car’s battery dies, there also seems to be no one around to help. No need to worry about interacting with strangers when you have a portable jump starter. One drawback about jumper cables is that they are a disaster in waiting, mainly if you misuse them. They can either injure you or cause massive damage to the battery or vehicle’s electronic components. A portable jump starter eliminates these issues with much less room for user error.

Make use of the Strong LED Flashlight

Most portable jump starters incorporate powerful LED flashlights. This LED flashlight helps you in any circumstance that needs light. For example, it helps you examine the vehicle or engine at night. If you love camping and hiking, this LED flashlight is valuable even when you do not need a jump start, meaning this tool can become 2x as functional for those that need a flashlight often.

Charge Electronic Gadgets on the Go

Whether it is your smartphone, kid’s tablet, or GPS device, everyone knows that feeling that comes as a result of your device running out of battery. Consider a scenario where you need to make an emergency call, but you cannot because you have a dead phone. Well, most portable jump starters double as portable batteries that can be used to charge all your devices.

In Conclusion

All of these reasons are good reasons to invest in a portable jump starter. Having a portable jump starter can save you from having to try and find a stranger to help you jump start your car, or in worst-case scenarios, having to call a roadside assistance company or tow truck to get your dead vehicle off the road. If it does come to this, give Hi-Way towing a call, we will be happy to assist in jump-starting your vehicle or helping you get to a repair shop in the case that your car needs more than just a jump start.