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Young man waiting for a tow driver

Can My Tow Driver Take Me Home?

Towing in Tyler
You don’t want to wait for a ride on top of waiting for the tow truck driver when your car breaks down. You want to get home! But can your…
Tow Truck with a Vehicle in Tow

Most Common Reasons People Call Tow Companies

Towing in Tyler
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Have you ever been stuck and did not know who to call for help? It is a common problem that most car owners experience. Tow companies come in handy under…
Jeep getting winched out of the mud by a tow truck driver

What Is A Winch, And How Does It Work?

Towing in Tyler
A winch is a lifting accessory. It’s a device that can be attached to an object, vehicle, or in some extreme cases, a person so that you can raise that…
Junked vehicle in a drive

Why It’s Time to Have That Junk Car in Your Driveway Towed

Towing in Tyler
Is there a vehicle in your home that doesn’t work but still takes up space even if it doesn’t run? Some people might decide to dispose of it by hiring…
Licensed tow truck driver handing car keys to customer

Why You Should a Hire Licensed Tow Company and Avoid Unlicensed Tow Drivers

Towing in Tyler
When you are stranded on the road, you need a tow truck to pull your car out of trouble. You can choose from an array of companies offering towing services…
vintage wrecker

Five Facts about the History of Tow Trucks

Towing in Tyler
Most people never think about tow trucks unless they have a break down. At that time the need for a tow truck becomes an immediate need. The history of the…
broken down vehicle getting loaded onto a flatbed tow truck

The Differences Between Heavy & Light Duty Towing

Roadside Assistance, Towing in Tyler
It can be confusing to understand what different terms mean when it comes to towing, but it is important to understand the differences. In this article we will discuss the…
Close up of a trailer attached to a towing hitch on a vehicle.

Important Things to Know About Towing Capacity

Towing in Tyler
If you find yourself needing to haul large, heavy objects anywhere, you’ll likely need to tow the goods to their destination. Before you get started, it’s important to know some…
A tow truck driver towing a car on the side of the highway -in Chandler, Gresham and Tyler, Tx towing companies

The Most Difficult Aspects of a Tow Truck Driver’s Job

Towing in Tyler
A tow truck driver’s job can be demanding because it involves a lot of heavy lifting and bending, work around dangerous traffic, and often requires working in bad weather. Most…
Car being lifted by a wheel-lift tow truck

What Tow Truck Does Your Vehicle Need?

Towing in Tyler
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If your vehicle breaks down on the road, you might need a lift. Before calling for a tow, remember that not all towing methods are created equal. Read below to…