Gas Gauge on Empty

Avoid Getting Stranded With These Gas Saving Tips From your towing company in Tyler TX

Safety Tips

Getting stranded on the road because you ran out of gas is a stressful situation no driver wants to be in. You might be driving to work on an early morning, rushing to the hospital to see your loved one, or beating a delivery deadline. No matter the case, if you aren’t careful, your engine fuel can disappoint you. While driving, follow these gas saving tips so you won’t get stuck on the side of the road seeking a towing company for assistance. While gas prices are sky-rocketing all over the world, there are a few tips you can consider to save a little where possible.

Observe Posted Speed Limits

Aggressive driving while rushing to your destination means more fuel consumption by your engine. You might have fueled up, but your gas may not be sufficient for you to arrive at your destination due to reckless and fast driving. Whether you drive slower or faster, you will still reach your destination. Obeying posted speed limits ensures that your engine uses less fuel, and you save on the cost of an extra refill.

Service the Engine & Car

The status of your engine determines how much fuel it will use for a drive. In order for gas saving tips to be effective, you must have your engine checked and serviced often. Schedule a garage service calendar for your vehicle based on the mileage driven and do not skip dates when you need to get it fixed. In case of any issues that may arise in between service appointments, ask your mechanic for assistance. Always replace worn out parts that may be causing your car to run more inefficiently as well. Excessive fuel consumption can be caused by issues such as:

  • Dirty fuel injectors
  • Defective thermostats
  • Defective oxygen sensors
  • Engine misfire

Avoid Idling and Unnecessary Trips

While you park the car and have to attend to something else, always shut the engine off. Leaving your car on means gas consumption, which you need to save for your millage. It may seem like just a few minutes, but this small precaution could save you the hassle of getting stranded later on the road. Apart from idling, it’s helpful if you also avoid those unnecessary trips that you can use in an alternative way. You can consider a walk instead of driving to a place that’s nearby your office for lunch or a supermarket close to home. Consolidate your errands and avoid unnecessary drives that will make you keep refueling due to high consumption.

Monitor Your Braking Habits

Braking excessively consumes lots of gas. As a keen driver, you should always keep a distance between you and the vehicle ahead so that you do not have to keep excessively braking from time to time in traffic. Apart from traffic, you should also watch your speed because if you drive fast, you may need brakes from time to time in case of any sudden stops. Do not forget to have your brakes checked since poor ones require more forceful use, which means more fuel consumption for you.

Gas can be quite expensive, and getting stranded on the road should hopefully never be an issue. You certainly do not want to get stranded in the middle of the night and have to pay for roadside assistance. Use your gas carefully and always check how much you have on the fuel gauge before starting a long trip.

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