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Most Common Reasons People Call Tow Companies From your locksmith and towing service provider in Tyler TX

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Have you ever been stuck and did not know who to call for help? It is a common problem that most car owners experience. Tow companies come in handy under such circumstances as they can provide the assistance needed. This article discusses the most common reasons for calling a tow company.

1. Locked out of Your Vehicle

Did you accidentally lock your keys in the vehicle? A tow company can come to your rescue under such circumstances. Lockout services are the type of work that roadside assistance experts can excellently perform.

2. You need a Jump/ Your battery Dies

If your car battery dies in the course of a drive, you will need a jumpstart from a nearby expert. Tow drivers offer round-the-clock services and have well-trained specialists who can help.

3. Stuck in the Mud

A towing truck operator can always help to pull your car when it gets stuck in the mud. The last thing that you want is to spin the car tires and make your situation worse.

4. You Run Out of Gas

Nothing is more frustrating than your car running out of gas. It is even more daunting when you are not close to a service station. Calling a tow company will help to get you home or to get a refill. The best part is that the operators have advanced equipment that will ensure the safe hauling of the vehicle.

5. You Get a Flat Tire

Whether it is about an off alignment, an old car, or a puncture, flat tires can be stressful. When you call a tow truck driver, they provide fast tire replacement services.

6. After an Accident or Minor Collision

People also contact tow services after experiencing a car accident. If a fender bender leaves your vehicle totaled or immobile, a trusted towing company can handle it to prevent further damages.

7. Your Vehicle Breaks Down

Sometimes, your car can break down and become immobile when you least expect it. Overheating and flat tires can be the cause of such issues. A roadside assistance professional can fix the problem or tow you to a nearby auto repair company for help.

8. Your Car Overheats

When you have an old car that is susceptible to tear and wear, overheating can be inevitable. You could forget to check your coolant levels or the vehicle goes low on oil. Regardless, calling a towing expert will save the day.

9. Your Vehicle Hits Something and Acquires Damages

You could be driving and hit something that dents your bumper or sustain minor car damage. It may be a low-priority accident but a tow truck can come to transport the vehicle for you.

10. You Experience Mechanical Issues

Your car can break down at a place where you will need immediate professional help. If you can access a towing company for immediate dispatch, they will save you from the situation.

11. For an Emergency

If you experience an emergency, it would be best to secure a tow service immediately. If not, the policy may have to tow your car and transport it to an impound yard. It would be incredibly costly and inconvenient for you.


If you get stranded with a dead battery, broken down car, or an emergency, you need the best towing company for help. Reliable towing companies such as HI-Way Towing always have a fleet of vehicles ready to deliver quick and efficient service. A professional tow company operates around the clock and can come to your rescue within minutes.