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Prepare Your Motorcycle For A Professional Tow Tips from Our Tyler TX Towing Service Experts

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When your car breaks down on the road, you call a tow truck. The same is true of motorcycles. However, if your motorcycle needs a tow there are a few steps you can take to make the process smoother and safer for your bike. Read on to learn how you should prepare for the towing process once you request for the assistance.

Inform Your Tow Truck Driver of Any Unique Requirements

Motorcycles are as unique as cars, and certain features may call for towing professionals to take special steps. When you call for a tow truck, make sure you relay the height, weight, and general size of the motorcycle. This can help your tow truck driver ensure they have the right tools and equipment to safely transport your bike before they get to you.

Remove Items You Want to Take With You

While your bike will be towed to a location of your choosing, you’ll probably want to keep some items on your person so you have them available. If you have removable saddlebags you can take them with you. Other items you should check for include your riding equipment, such as helmet, gloves, and jacket, you GPS navigator if you carry one, and your wallet or other personal items you might have been carrying with you.

Assess Your Motorcycle Ahead of Time

Check your bike for any damage ahead of time, especially if you’ve been in an accident or if you have an idea what’s caused the need for towing. Take pictures of the bike if necessary. Make sure to communicate any damages to your tow truck professional so they know to take special care where there is any damage.

You can also take a moment to wipe down your bike if you have material available to do so. This can help highlight any damaged areas you think your tow truck driver should be aware of before they begin loading your bike.

Disable Some Security Features

Keeping your bike safe is important. However, once it is in the hands of your towing service, they will take security precautions while it is in their possession. This being the case, you may need to deactivate some security features that would hinder towing, such as a steering lock. If you aren’t sure which security features to disable and which to leave on, ask your tow truck driver when you call to request assistance.

Organize Your Transport

Be sure to ask your towing company about their policy for transporting drivers. Not every company will allow you to ride along with your vehicle, so you’ll want to know in advance if you need to set up alternate transportation for yourself.

Loading Your Motorcycle

Towing professionals will have experience safely transporting motorcycles. Your driver will provide ratchet straps and a front wheel chock, or comparable safety equipment, to ensure the bike’s safety during transportation.

Once you and your motorcycle have both secured safe transportation, simply wait for your bike to be loaded and get back on the road with your ride to follow it to its destination.

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