A newer car being towed to a nearby car mechanic to be worked on.

Signs You Should Have Your Vehicle Towed to an Auto Shop Advice from your emergency roadside & towing service in Chandler TX

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Many people think that the only time you should use a towing company is if you’re stranded on the side of the road. However, in some cases you may need to contact a towing company even if your vehicle is able to operate. When it comes to car problems, the last thing you want to do is to push your vehicle, which can potentially cause more damage (and put you and others in danger) even in the time it takes to drive to your mechanic.

Here are a few common situations where it would be in your best interest to have your car towed to your local car shop instead of driving it while hoping for the best.

1) Driving Difficulties

One of the most evident signs that indicate the need for a tow service is if you experience difficulties while driving. If you start driving and find your car doesn’t accelerate or decelerate as it should, you should pull over as into a safe location as soon as you’re able to safely do so and contact a towing company instead of attempting to drive the vehicle to the shop by yourself.

Trying to push forward and drive yourself to a shop can put yourself and others at risk, and you could be liable in the event of any injuries or accidents. This can be an expensive and time-consuming dilemma, so it’s worth the extra upfront inconvenience to stay safe—while also reducing the chances of further damaging your car.

2) Odd Smells

If you notice a peculiar scent emanating from your car, there’s a good sign something is leaking. The smell could be any number of things, including: oil, coolant, brake fluid, gas. The cause of the leak could be faulty hoses, cracked pipes, or something wrong with the engine. Driving while fluid is leaking can cause serious long-term damage that can be costly to fix, so the safest and smartest bet is to have a towing company safely transport your vehicle to have it inspected and worked on by a professional.

3) Car Noise

Car noises aren’t something that should be taken lightly. Car noises occur for a number of reasons. Noise under the hood could indicate a worn or loose serpentine belt, which is a key component for the vehicle’s radiator fan, water pump, and power steering pump. Meanwhile, sounds that come from underneath your vehicle could indicate that there’s an issue in the exhaust system such as a blocked exhaust.

A blocked exhaust can cause numerous problems such as poor engine performance, a significant drop in fuel economy, increased exhaust pressure and engine stalls. Having your engine stall as you drive can be extremely dangerous, so it’s recommended that you contact a tow truck to safely bring your vehicle to a mechanic so that they can determine the root cause of it and get you back on the road safely.

4) Warning Lights

Ensure that you practice your due diligence when it comes to checking your car’s instruments. For instance, if your temperature gauge is continuously rising to high levels without reason, this may occur as a result of an easily overheated engine. Some main causes of an engine that overheats can include: low oil levels, excess weight, or an engine that is going bad.

When it comes to relatively minor issues such as a cracked windshield (assuming your visibility isn’t affected) or a bad headlight or turn signal (as long as you’re driving in the daylight), there’s usually nothing wrong with driving to the mechanic with your vehicle to get the issue addressed.

However, if your vehicle is experiencing an issue in which you’re unable to determine the root cause, you’ll put yourself and other drivers or pedestrians at risk by attempting to drive your vehicle in an unknown condition. In these cases, when in doubt, be sure to contact a tow company. Not only can you prevent further damage to your car and possibly save on repairs that could otherwise escalate in cost, but it could also save your life.

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