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Car being loaded onto towing ramp by a Chandler towing service crew

What to Do When You Need Your Car Towed

Towing in Tyler
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Whether your car has been towed nonconsensually (illegally parked or similar) or it is a voluntary thing (broken down, collision), there are a lot of reasons why you might need…
Link of chain used for towing service in Tyler TX

Why You Should Hire A Professional Towing Company

Towing in Tyler
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When a car breaks down it can be frustrating. Some people may feel that they can tow the car themselves and save some money. However, while this may seem like…
Car being towed by a tow truck in Tyler TX

Common Towing Myths Demystified

Towing in Tyler
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Every industry battles certain misconceptions that can make it difficult to carry a positive reputation in their community. The towing industry in no exception. Here at Hi-Way Towing, we want…