Towing services in Flint TX loading a broken down vehicle onto a flatbed.

The Differences Between Heavy & Light Duty Towing Information About Towing in Gresham TX

It can be confusing to understand what different terms mean when it comes to towing, but it is important to understand the differences between the towing services that are offered in Flint TX. In this article, we will discuss the big differences between light and heavy-duty towing, and how they both serve a vital role. Knowing which one you need and what it entails is a big part of this and can be a big stress saver.

What is light-duty towing?

The general idea of light-duty towing has to do with towing light vehicles. These vehicles are most commonly cars or small SUVs. These are also commonly referred to as city-driving vehicles, so anything that fits into this category also belongs with light towing.

One of the most common towing jobs in the light towing category is towing cars away from accidents. This is done either with small tow trucks or with small flatbeds and is often used to quickly and efficiently clear accidents. The car ends up being delivered in a safe and quick fashion at the expense of the owner of the car/ their insurance company.

The next most common job is to remove cars or other light vehicles that have broken down from private property. This is once again accomplished by using a small tow truck and, in many cases, is billed to the owner of the car/ their insurance company.

The other are light towing jobs, and they vary depending on what is being towed, but the simplest way to see if it is a light towing job is by checking the weight. The gross vehicle weight should be less than 14000 pounds or less to qualify as a light-duty towing job. So with this, some trailers and even campers can qualify for this.

What is heavy-duty towing?

So if light-duty towing is for regular vehicles that one might use every day, such as compact vehicles, suvs and motercycles then we can view heavy-duty towing as moving large vehicles or items out of the ordinary. Examples of this include things such as semi-trucks and garbage trucks. These types of jobs are in a separate category of their own because of the danger they can be.

There are two primary types of jobs when it comes to heavy-duty towing. One of these is the art of recovering large vehicles. This is towing everything from semi trucks and tractor-trailers that have had accidents to garbage trucks that have broken down. These jobs are vital to the industry because it helps keep these vehicles and their payloads on the move.

Heavy-duty towing is definitely less common than light-duty towing, but it is still very important. It is giving tows to vehicles when they cannot complete a task. Whether the helping a semi-truck up over a hill that is too steep an incline so it cannot make it or winching a piece of construction equipment out of a muddy area. These jobs are important and require the use of a tow truck that is equipped for the weight capacity of the heavy-duty vehicle being towed.

Which one do you need?

It’s more than likely that you will need light-duty tow in most roadside assistance cases in Tyler. It is quite common for those that would need to have a heavy-duty tow to be aware of that fact before their vehicle even breaks down. Most towing companies can tow all different types of vehicles with light-duty tow trucks.

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