Top 3 Things To Do When You Call A Tow Truck

Top 3 Things To Do When You Call A Tow Truck Tips from your Towing Company in Tyler TX

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Calling a tow truck is one of those things we keep at the back of our mind until the inevitable happens and we find ourselves having to do it. This isn’t a fun time for anyone to have to deal with, which is why we’re here to help you make it through the process in the simplest way possible. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Here’s what to do when calling a tow truck.

Don’t question it. Trust the process. It’ll make sense in the end.

1. Before you call the tow company, alert your insurance company.

Protect yourself at all costs. That’s why you pay your insurance premium every month, so you have assurance you don’t put your business jeopardy because of freak coincidences. Let the ones who have your best interest at heart know about the accident immediately.

This will also provide you with knowledge about the tow trucks they prefer that you go to. Put a stop to running around only to find out your insurance wouldn’t cover certain places. The more time you save, the better you’ll end up making the day.

2. First things first, stay on top of the finances.

This means not blindly using a tow truck without knowing what it’s going to cost you. One of the first things you should nail down in the call is what they charge. By knowing what they charge and what your insurance company will cover, you know what’s coming out of your account.

3. Protect yourself in every way possible, get pictures.

You don’t want to leave yourself unprotected in any way whatsoever. Hopefully, you’re a user of modern technology and take your cell phone with you everywhere you go. Use your phone’s camera and take pictures of the damage so that you have formal evidence of it.

Keep Everything Organized & Streamlined for a Simplified Life

This means keeping your receipts in a single location that’s protected from the elements or any mishaps and secure to ensure the privacy of your company information. Believe it or not, this is where a lot of people fail, and they end up costing themselves rather than helping themselves. We don’t want to see you be the next victim. Thus, think of this as one of the most critical aspects of the whole process.

Just remember, panic and stress never got anyone anywhere, chauffeurs do.

Take your time, slow down, and pay attention. When you rush or stress yourself out, you start forgetting things and overthinking things. That’s why you have seen the most success from those who remain calm, cool, and collected regardless of the situation. Know that things happen, be prepared for when they do, and you’ll find it’s a lot easier to manage than just going by the seat of your pants so to speak. That is the key to success when calling a tow truck in the event of a car accident.