Towing Heavy Equipment

Towing Heavy Equipment How your Gresham Towing Company manage large equipment

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Technology has been driving our society for centuries. The development of machines to build great skyscrapers, airplanes, and other modern day luxuries also creates a need for heavy towing capacities. From construction equipment and oil rigs to mobile homes and duplexes, the need for heavy duty highway towing is way more common than you might think. Finding the right company with the right experience is key to keeping your equipment in tact and also in keeping everyone involved safe.

What is Considered Heavy Equipment?

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a tow truck with a truck bed that is way longer than normal? These are needed to tow equipment like wind turbine blades, which are about 120 feet long and weigh about 150 tons. Other pieces of equipment that requires heavy duty towing include military equipment, airplane parts, cranes, tractors, and agricultural equipment, and more.

What Should I Consider?

Experience – Before you trust someone to transport a heavy piece of equipment, you should be aware of their background in heavy weight towing. It is imperative for everyone involved that the individual or company that is doing the loading, transporting, and unloading, has the technical and practical knowledge and experience in doing so properly. Any heavy equipment transporter should have years of towing experience with reputable certifications and a specific license to do so. You should also be aware of a company’s insurance and guarantee policies as well. And while you might think you could save money by renting a truck and doing it yourself, you could be making potentially dangerous and costly mistakes.

Weight and Distance – In order for a heavy equipment company to know how they can plan for your service, you should know the weight of the equipment you are towing. Different tow trucks have different weight capacities as do many roads that you would normally travel on. Many companies can let you know up front what their highest tow capacity is, so this can help you look for a company that is right for your needs. Knowing the dimensions of your equipment will help a tow company develop a plan for your job. If you are traveling long distances or even across state lines, these are all factors that should be discussed and clarified early on in your search for a heavy equipment tow company.

Reputation – Knowing the reputation of a company that you are trusting to haul hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment is so important in making an informed decision. Ask around to other professionals in your industry or that you know have had to make use of high capacity towing in the past. If you have never had to use this type of tow company before, at least you can have the comfort hearing good accounts of their performance from someone you know or trust. This is one of the best ways to get started in your search for a reliable and quality heavy duty tow company.