A Tyler TX towing company's flat bed truck picks up a stranded car

Types of Tow Trucks and What They’re Used for A Guide from Your Experts on Towing in Tyler Texas

Towing in Tyler

To the residents of Tyler, Texas finding a good towing company is something of importance. If you are in a situation where you need roadside assistance or dealing with a vehicle that needs to be removed, then knowing what kind of tow truck to order would be beneficial. The four types of tow trucks used currently are the Flatbed, Integrated Wreck Truck, Hook and Chain, and the Wheel-lift Tow Truck. Knowing what type of truck to use in what situation can go a long way in Saving you more money in the future in terms of less damages to your vehicle, and having the vehicle pose less hazard two other drivers on the road while being transported.


The Flatbed Tow Truck is one of the most common and easiest tow trucks to use. This is because it is most commonly used in instances of when vehicles may be stranded or have been involved in an accident. These situations could result in having the car and the owner stranded on the side of the road. Because of their empty space and hydraulic lifts this makes it easy for a vehicle to be loaded onto a flatbed truck. The Flatbed Truck is a good vehicle for transportation not just for cars but also for other large objects such as boats, metals, or other heavy objects. Another great reason for the use of the flatbed truck is because of the safety of this vehicle. Using straps to hold the vehicle in place, as well as having it securely stationed on to the back of the truck reduces the risk to other pedestrians and drivers on the road.

Integrated Wreck Trucks

Understandably if there is a need for greater stability then this would require the use of the Integrated Wreck Truck. The extra stability for this tow truck comes from its addition of extra axles and the use of its arm embedded within the core of the truck.This makes this model tow truck the better truck to use for transporting these heavy duty objects. These objects would be vehicles such as buses and heavier vehicles. Wrecked trucks have the ability to lift all four wheels off the ground making it safer for the vehicle to be transported without further damage being done to it.

Hook and Chain

Hook and chain Towing isn’t as popular now. It is not the safest method for safe transport of the vehicle. It is most commonly used for the vehicles that are totaled out and headed to the junkyard. These trucks operate by hooking up in the chain around the frame of the car and connecting the chain to the axle of the vehicle. One set of wheels are lifted off of the ground while the vehicle is transported to its destination. Which is why these cars are usually going to junk yards.

Wheel-lift Tow Trucks

Wheel-lift tow trucks use a metal yoke which goes under either the rear or front of the vehicle. It lifts the vehicle off the ground through hydraulic suspension it causes less damage then in the hook and chain method. Two wheels are left on the ground, still making this a potential hazard to other drivers as well as the vehicle being transported. This is however less expensive than the flatbed method of Flatbed Towing.