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Waiting for Towing: 3 Things You Need to Consider Tyler, Gresham, and Chandler Towing Service

Car breakdowns happen in the most unexpected times. From having a flat tire, dead battery, overheating, or minor accidents, they are something you should expect. Using a professional towing service will help move your car safely in just a few minutes. However, to ensure a stress-free recovery process, below are three things to do when waiting for a tow.

1. Safety First

Most fatal accidents on the roadside are caused by drivers who unknowingly hit other drivers who are pulled over with car trouble. The first thing you need to do as you bring your vehicle to a halt is to turn your hazard lights on to help notify other drivers that your car has an issue and it’s not operating unpredictably. Doing so helps incoming traffic pay closer attention to your vehicle.

Take time and analyze your immediate condition. When a car breaks down, it’s difficult not to get angry at the situation. Regrettably, anger clouds your judgment on what’s going on. Before you do anything, calm yourself and consider your physical wellbeing. It’s better to approach the issue at hand with a calm and collected mindset rather than being flustered.

Try to determine the possible source of the issue. Did a mechanical problem cause your car to break down, or was it possibly an electrical issue? Next you should be asking yourself if you are safe staying where you are or do you need the police? If you have just been in a wreck and that is the reason for you being pulled over, ensure that your first priority is contacting emergency medical services, as your health should take the first precedence over everything else. 

2. Location of Breakdown

The current location of your car plays a significant role in keeping the roads safe for you and others. As you slow down, do your utmost best to move your vehicle off the road safely and away from incoming traffic. Ideally, if your vehicle obstructs traffic, you pose a significant risk to other road users, which may lead to additional accidents and injury.

Depending on the reason for your car breakdown, assess whether you can disembark and safely push it away from the road if needed. If you can, avoid stopping along a sharp descent or a bend as cars speeding may not have ample time to decelerate and hit you. Doing this allows you to minimize further injury and accidents caused by carelessness or unforeseen circumstances.

3. Collect All Your Possessions and Exchange Info With Involved Parties

As most tow companies give an accurate wait time depending on your current location, utilize this time to collect your things. Check all the pockets and under the car seat for personal items. Unless you have a mechanic on the go, it will take a while for you to get your car back in your possession. Ensure that nothing important remains in the vehicle such as insurance information, and personal belongings you might need while the car is being repaired.

In the instance that the tow is taking longer to reach you, refrain from leaving your car alone to go exploring. If the vehicle breakdown is due to an accident, wait with the other people involved in the wreck and contact your insurance company or emergency medical services if needed. Doing so allows you to countercheck if you don’t forget anything of importance, and it necessitates an easy exchange of information with the police and other relevant authorities.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re involved in an accident in Tyler or just having a minor car issue that needs towing, the first thing you should consider is your safety. What’s more, ensure you choose a professional towing service company for your needs. Doing so allows you to get professional roadside assistance in just a few minutes. 

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