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What To Do If Your Brakes Fail From your Chandler TX, Towing Company

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It is a scary moment when you are driving on the highway and realize your brakes aren’t working properly, that’s why it is important to stop your vehicle using other methods. Following these practices can mean the difference in successfully bringing your vehicle to a safe stop as opposed to crashing it possibly injuring yourself or others. Mechanics and automobile professionals can give some insight on how to stop your car when the brakes go out.

Consider Your Surroundings

The first crucial step to take when you first notice   your brakes might not be working is to immediately turn on your hazards. This allows other drivers to be aware that you might having mechanical issues and greatly reduces the chances of any collision. It’s always best to move to an appropriate lane before you start trying to slow yourself down; if possible, find a lane that’s closest to the shoulder and has room to accommodate your vehicle.

Slow it down

You should start slowing your vehicle down manually by downshifting the gears in an appropriate manor. If your vehicle has automatic transmission, there is typically a manual gear you can shift to and use – / + to systematically downshift so you do not harm your engine. Once you start to decelerate it’s a good idea to try to pump the brakes, in some cases this can help slow your vehicle down even more. During this process it’s important to leave your engine running the whole time. This allows your vehicle to keep the power steering system functioning properly and will help you remain in control of your vehicle.

If you have a manual transmission or a vehicle with a parking brake lever, it would be a good time to put the gear in neutral and slowly ease into the parking brake while pulling over to the shoulder. If you have an automatic with no lever however, the emergency brake should be your last resort. After slowing down as much as you can, let up on the brake and press the emergency brake button and try move off the road. At this point the vehicle should come to a complete stop.

Call for help

With panic relieved and a safe car later, it’s now time to start looking for a tow. The most obvious solution would be a quality tow truck service. Make sure that you use a reputable tow truck company otherwise you may end up needed more repairs than just getting your brakes fixed.

Mechanics and automobile professionals can help you with many different aspects of keeping your car in great working order. If you are ever unsure on which steps you should follow or have any questions on getting on your car towed, be sure to give them a call. They will be the first ones to let you know what to look for and what to when it comes to keeping everyone safe and your vehicle in shape.

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