Driver awaiting roadside assistance with hood lifted

What Tow Trucks Can Do For You

Towing in Tyler

Just as firefighters do more than put out fires, towing companies usually offer more than just transport. Depending on the problem your vehicle is experiencing, professional tow truck drivers might even be able to get you back on the road without being towed. Check out a few of these additional services offered by Tyler, TX towing companies:

Diagnosing Mechanical Problems

Most people call for a tow truck when they have a problem with their vehicle, such as not being able to start a car. While it may seem like your vehicle is just “dead,” in some cases a professional tow truck driver can diagnose your vehicle’s problem more accurately. Knowing what’s really wrong with your vehicle is especially helpful when trying to relay the situation to a mechanic. Depending on the problem, your tow truck driver might even be able to do something about the issue right away, preventing the need for your vehicle to be towed. For example, if your vehicle’s battery is drained, a professional tow truck driver can usually jump start your vehicle for you, as you’ll see below.

Jump Starts

One of the most common problems that will prevent a vehicle from starting is a drained battery. Many towing companies in Tyler provide jump starts as well as towing services. Most towing companies supply their drivers with professional jump starters, so customers won’t have to worry about getting cables. Another benefit of jump starters is that they usually allow you to see what level the battery should be charged to, and how much energy is transferred. This information can help you determine if your vehicle needs a new battery or not.

Changing Flat Tires

Another service commonly offered by towing companies is changing flat tires. If your vehicle has a functioning spare tire, a professional tow truck driver can quickly change your flat tire out for your spare. However, if you are missing a piece of necessary equipment, such as a jack for a tire iron, or if your spare isn’t functional, tow truck drivers come prepared. Professional drivers will often have this equipment available.

Protecting Your Vehicle from Additional Damage

Many drivers know how to change a tire on their vehicle. However, some situations can make changing a tire difficult, even for drivers who have done so many times. For example, if your vehicle is in an uneven surface, it can be difficult to access the area of the vehicle you need to. If an uneven surface or an unstable jack cause your vehicle to fall, it can damage your axle. Getting a vehicle that has tipped due to a missing tire upright again can be difficult, and the longer it stays there the higher the change that your vehicle will be damaged. When it looks like changing a tire could be challenging, due to an uneven area or something else, it’s best to have a professional change your tire.

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