Licensed tow truck driver handing car keys to customer after towing in Gresham TX

Why You Should a Hire Licensed Tow Company and Avoid Unlicensed Tow Drivers Tips from Your East Texas Towing Services Provider

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When you are stranded on the road, you need a tow truck to pull your car out of trouble. You can choose from an array of companies offering towing services in your area. However, not all of them are created equal. Many companies and drivers are unlicensed and offer cheap rates that seem too good to be true. Whether you’re driving or stuck on the side of the road, it’s important to hire a licensed tow company because they are insured and trained professionals who will help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits you’ll see if you go with a licensed towing company, as well as the dangers you might run into by going the other route.

Pros of Hiring a Licensed Tow Company over an Unlicensed Tow Company

The biggest pro is that a licensed towing company will protect your car and property while you get it towed to its destination. They will do the work not just for your convenience but for the integrity of their business.

  • They will have liability insurance so they can cover all negligent damages, including damages to your car.
  • They sign the bill of sale for you with the gas station or mechanic that you push it to for repairs, so they can claim from them if they are at fault.
  • They will inform you of all charges before they even start. They won’t just be throwing money at your car and leaving it at an unlicensed tow company, where most of the time, this type of business does not have the insurance to cover any damages done to your car. They will always provide a paper or electronic document with the bill of sale showing the charges and the costs, so you can give it to a mechanic or gas station if necessary.
  • They will ensure your car is in good hands. They won’t just park your car off in some random lot, where all kinds of nasty things can happen. An unlicensed tow truck driver could cause more damage than initially intended (accidents are prevalent) or sell it for parts. The towing operator will park your car in a secure location that is not in a secluded place. They will ensure your car is not at the mercy of any other people, and they can’t take it away from you if you need repairs or the tow truck repair shop won’t be able to finish the job, either.
  • They won’t leave your car there for too long. The towing truck operator will tow it to your destination as soon as they are able. They won’t leave your car at the tow truck shop for more than 24 hours without your consent and signature of approval.

Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed Tow Company over a Licensed Tow Company

The main downside is that unlicensed towing companies cannot provide you with the same benefits as licensed ones. An unlicensed tow company will not give you any insurance, they will not have any liability coverage, and they sure won’t have a signed bill of sale. Since your car is likely an expensive purchase, it is best to protect it as much as possible. If you want to receive the best quality of service and the most outstanding amount of protection for your vehicle, then hire only a licensed tow company.

  • The unlicensed tow truck operator might damage your property when towing.
  • They do not have liability insurance to cover negligent damages, which could include the damages they caused while towing your car.
  • Unlicensed towing companies do not have a secure parking lot. This means that your car is not protected in any way, shape, or form. It is a considerable risk to leave your car in the hands of someone who will park it dangerously, so you should avoid this at all costs.
  • They might not have any experience and may not know how to deal with the kind of car you have. If you have a 1999 BMW 325i, an unlicensed tow company should not be used. While these cars are safe and reliable, it’s still better for you to hire a licensed tow truck company. The unlicensed tow truck company may not handle the towing process appropriately, resulting in more damage done than planned for.
  • They might leave your car at their shop for too long. If you want your car towed right away, you shouldn’t use an unlicensed tow company. Their main goal is to make money, whether by charging you extra or simply having the car remain at their shop.

Bottom Line

Overall, there are many reasons to hire a licensed Tow Company over an unlicensed one. If you want to be assured of the quality of service you are receiving, this is the route to go. You will have a signed bill of sale, you will receive insurance to protect yourself, and you will have a smoother experience overall. If you need towing in Chandler, roadside assistance or towing in Gresham TX, or services throughout East Texas, contact Hi-Way towing today!