Man taking a photo of the damage on his car before the tow truck arrives

Steps to Take Before Having a Vehicle Towed Tips for your Towing Company in Tyler TX

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Most people never want to be in a situation where their vehicle needs to be towed. It can be a time consuming process, and it can change the entire focus of a person’s day. While nobody plans to have to call a towing company, some steps can be taken to ensure the vehicle towing experience is as positive as it can be.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The first step is to contact the insurance company. Most insurance companies will be able to provide contact information regarding reputable towing companies in the area who are reasonably priced. Some insurance companies even offer free towing with the auto insurance they provide. If someone has this bundled in their insurance, it can definitely save them some time and money. If the vehicle is in need of repairs, they can even have it towed to a capable repair shop to complete the needed work.

Take Photos

If the car has been involved in any kind of collision, it is especially important to complete the next steps. It is recommended to take extensive photos of the accident scene, including street signs. Take pictures of all of the damage to the vehicles involved. Some people forget to take pictures of the inside of the vehicle, but it is important to have pictures of everything.

Remove All Personal Belongings

When preparing for the tow truck to arrive, it is also a good idea to remove all personal belongings and to not leave anything valuable in the vehicle. Many towing companies have in their contracts that they are not responsible for the loss of any belongings, so taking items from the car is highly recommended.

Make Sure the Right Tow Truck Arrives

When the towing company arrives, pay attention to the name of the company. Some towing companies will see someone on the side of the road and automatically stop to try to get some business. This means it is best to take an extra moment to ensure the right company has arrived.

Communicate with the Driver

Communication is a key factor in situations like this. It is imperative to communicate with the tow truck driver on exactly where the vehicle is going and any other expectations. Never allow the tow tuck driver to decide where the vehicle is going without any form of discussion. The vehicle owner should be as comfortable as possible with everything that is occurring with their vehicle.

Review the Contract Thoroughly

As a final step, the towing company will provide documents for the vehicle owner to sign. The owner should read every part of the document and ask any questions regarding things they do not understand. Make sure the document is only stating that the tow truck is taking the vehicle to a particular place. The document should not state anything regarding having it repaired at a specific facility. Sometimes people are so stressed due to their car needing to be towed that they do not review what they are signing, but this can be a huge mistake. Also, make sure the cost quoted is the same amount that is on the actual contract. Be sure to keep the receipt the company gives because it may be required to be refunded if the auto insurance includes this in their pricing.

These steps will ensure the towing process goes as smoothly as possible. No one wants any added stressors on top of their car being towed.

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