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Vehicle Emergency Kit as adviced by tow truck service in Tyler TX

Essential Items for Your Car’s Breakdown Kit

Safety Tips
roadside safety
Many different types of emergencies can happen on the road. You may have come across a pothole, or your car may have run out of gas. It’s never too early…
Man holding a road flare while waiting for Emergency Roadside Assistance Services in Tyler, Gresham, and Chandler, Tx

How to Prevent Accidents and Save Lives with Road Flares

Safety Tips
roadside safety
Just about everyone has experienced the dreaded brake-screeching moment when another driver speeds through an intersection on a yellow light, missing their chance to get through before the lights turn…
Car broken down at night waiting for roadside assistance in Tyler TX

Steps to Take If Your Car Breaks Down at Night

Roadside Assistance
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Getaways, day trips and vacations are some of the activities that people tend to do during the summer months. As such, more driving equates to higher chances of experiencing a…
Man holding a phone calling a roadside assistance company

When Should You Call for Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance
flat tire, roadside assistance tyler tx, roadside safety
There are many situations where a motorist should call a tow or roadside assistance company. Just a few years ago the top reasons included stalled cars that needed to be…
Rims for sale at an auto parts store

Avoiding, Preparing for & Dealing with Tire Blowouts

Safety Tips
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A common reason that tow truck companies are called to job sites is because of tire blowouts, but this doesn’t have to be inevitable. There are several things you can…
Deer In Road spotted by our Tyler TX wrecker service team

What to do if you Hit an Animal

Roadside Assistance
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Imagine you are stuck on the side of the road after accidentally hitting an animal, what is the first thing you would do? Depending on if there are witnesses or…
Man stepping on brakes

What To Do If Your Brakes Fail

Towing in Tyler
Chandler towing service, roadside safety, safety precautions
It is a scary moment when you are driving on the highway and realize your brakes aren’t working properly, that’s why it is important to stop your vehicle using other…
Car with Snow Tires

What Are Snow Tire Chains?

Safety Tips
Chandler towing service, roadside safety, safety precautions, tow truck Chandler, towing company tyler tx
When it comes to driving, there are a few obvious safety precautions that should be taken in order to keep yourself and other drivers on the road out of harm’s…
Dimmed car headlight

How To Test Your Auto Battery

Roadside Assistance
roadside assistance tyler tx, roadside safety
When it comes to owning a vehicle, there are many things you can do in order to make sure that it is running properly. There are many moving parts to…
Driving A Trailer Safely Tips

Driving A Trailer Safely Tips

Safety Tips
roadside assistance tyler tx, roadside safety, safety precautions
Summer time is the perfect season to load up and hit the road for a trip with family or friends. However, if you are planning on towing an RV, boat,…