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How to Prevent Accidents and Save Lives with Road Flares Emergency Roadside Assistance Services in Tyler, Gresham, and Chandler, Tx

Safety Tips

Just about everyone has experienced the dreaded brake-screeching moment when another driver speeds through an intersection on a yellow light, missing their chance to get through before the lights turn red. Fortunately, by using road flares, you can prevent accidents like this one from occurring and saving lives in the process. Here’s how to use road flares to avoid accidents and save the lives of both motorists and pedestrians alike.  emergency roadside service in chandler tx gresham roadside assistance

What Are Road Flares?

Road flares (also known as pavement markers or reflectors) help mark traffic hazards, construction zones, and other safety-related issues. When used correctly, they can prevent accidents and save lives.

Why Use Road Flares?

There are many reasons why you should use road flares when your car breaks down on a highway or at night. Here are some everyday situations in which road flares can help keep you safe:

  • When it’s dark and rainy. You can’t see the edge of the road. Use a flare, so you don’t run off the side of the road.
  • You have a flat tire, or your vehicle is disabled. Place road flares behind your vehicle to warn oncoming traffic
  • You are on an unfamiliar road. This may not be common, but it’s good to know you can use flares to protect yourself in this situation.

The key is that they’re an essential safety tool when you find yourself stranded in a dangerous situation.

Guidelines When Using Road Flares

With so many tips available on how to use road flares, it is hard to know where to start. But some rules can help you learn how to use road flares effectively. You should follow these basic guidelines when using road flares:

  • Identify the correct type of flare for the situation
  • Only use flares when there are no other options for warning or alerting other drivers
  • Clear the area of debris or other objects that could cause a hazard if ignited
  • Be aware of any nearby buildings, trees, or shrubbery that could catch fire if ignited
  • Do not use flares near open water or in areas that have a lot of moisture

To protect your life, you’ll need to be sure that your flares are visible during both day and night, and they should be durable enough for year-round use. An ideal set will include at least three types of flares: red, orange, and yellow. It’s best if they come in an all-weather carrying case.

Things You Need Before Using Road Flares

Have a pair of leather gloves, a rubber glove, safety glasses, boots, work gloves, and plastic bags for cleanup. Make sure you have properly sized flares for your vehicle. Determine if they are Class C or Class B. If it is Class C, you can use them at highway speeds. If it is Class B, you can only use them in an emergency situation while your vehicle is not moving.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our beginner’s guide to using road flares. We hope it proves useful to you on the road. If you found it helpful, share this article with friends and family on social media. It could help save lives.

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