Car being towed by a wrecker for parking illegally

Step By Step on Getting Your Car Out of Impound

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Getting your car out of impound may seem easy, but it is a process for sure. Your car can be impounded due to several reasons, which are usually related to traffic non-observance. Your car can be confiscated if it is found parked in an illegal zone or if it is blocking traffic flow. Offenses such as lacking car insurance or getting a DUI may also lead your car to be towed. However, there are ways of getting your impounded car, but the process can be time-consuming, and it may involve variable charges. Follow these five steps to get your car out of impound:

1. Locate Your Car

It has probably been impounded if you cannot find your car where you’d parked it. Your vehicle can also be seized in your presence. You are responsible for finding out where it is before making arrangements to get it out. You can contact your city’s office to ask whether your car is listed as impounded. If you had illegally parked the vehicle, confirm the signs in the area and ask the people around your parking location to assist you in locating your car.

2. Find out Why Your Car was Impounded

There are a few reasons why a car may be impounded, such as parking in a prohibited area or accumulating too many parking tickets. Once you know why your vehicle was impounded, you can take the necessary steps to avoid having it seized again.

3. Contact the Impound Lot

You’ll need to contact the impound lot to find out how to get your car released. This is when you will begin the paperwork of getting your car out of impound. The impound lot will likely give you a list of requirements that must be met before your vehicle can be released, such as paying any outstanding fines.

4. Gather the Required Documents and Payments and Make the Arrangements

After communicating with the impound lot, you can gather any required documents and payments. This may include your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and the impound fees. You can then arrange to have your car released from the impound lot. This may require scheduling a time to pick up your car or arranging for a tow truck to bring it to your home.

5. Pick up Your Car

Once you’ve made all the necessary arrangements, you can pick up your vehicle from the impound lot. You must pay the release fees before you can get your car out. The costs always include the impound fee and the tow company reimbursement fee. Be sure to have all the required documents and payments with you, so the process goes smoothly.


Getting your impounded car can be extremely stressful. The best way to get your vehicle out of impound is to contact the impound lot and pay the fees. You can also negotiate with the impound lot for a lower cost. After filling out all the paperwork and making all the payments, you can easily get your car out of impound.