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Deer In Road spotted by our Tyler TX wrecker service team

What to do if you Hit an Animal

Roadside Assistance
roadside safety, towing company tyler tx
Imagine you are stuck on the side of the road after accidentally hitting an animal, what is the first thing you would do? Depending on if there are witnesses or…
Car key on seat

Locked Out? Tips For Getting Into Your Car

Roadside Assistance
roadside assistance tyler tx, towing company tyler tx, Tyler locksmith services
Roadside assistance services get almost 4 million requests a year for people to unlock their cars, and thousands more drivers who do not have a service also get locked out…
A Tyler TX towing company's flat bed truck picks up a stranded car

Types of Tow Trucks and What They’re Used for

Towing in Tyler
tow trucks, towing company tyler tx
To the residents of Tyler, Texas finding a good towing company is something of importance. If you are in a situation where you need roadside assistance or dealing with a…
Car with Snow Tires

What Are Snow Tire Chains?

Safety Tips
Chandler towing service, roadside safety, safety precautions, tow truck Chandler, towing company tyler tx
When it comes to driving, there are a few obvious safety precautions that should be taken in order to keep yourself and other drivers on the road out of harm’s…
Car being towed by a tow truck in Tyler TX

Common Towing Myths Demystified

Towing in Tyler
east texas towing, tow truck Tyler TX, towing company tyler tx
Every industry battles certain misconceptions that can make it difficult to carry a positive reputation in their community. The towing industry in no exception. Here at Hi-Way Towing, we want…
Car keys in ignition, waiting for Tyler TX locksmith

What To Do When You’re Locked Out Of Your Vehicle

Roadside Assistance
locksmith services, towing company tyler tx
Getting locked out of your vehicle can make for a really frustrating day. It is a super inconvenient mistake to make that can be a difficult situation to remedy, but…
Your Car Stuck in Mud or Snow? Here's What To Do

Your Car Stuck in Mud or Snow? Here’s What To Do

Towing in Tyler
east texas towing, towing company tyler tx
Everyone loves a good adventure and there are a lot of options out there available for people who want to explore the world. There is surfing, swimming, hiking, running, cycling,…